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Aloha everybody!

I`m so very sorry about the pink colour font, I don`t even know why. Every time I change it to black it becomes pink, so sorry if you guys can`t read it. Well, let`s get started on ma story, shall we.....

Well, the title means I`m angry with a pinch of happiness. The angry part is because of a competition called 'Amal Islami' I didnt learned for a week! I know if your in my shoes you`ll be happy coz you don`t have to hear the teacher chit chattering, but I`m a UPSR and PSRA candidate, I have to finish learning all the subjects before June!

The happy part is I`m not going to school today! Well, why should I ? If I go, I dont really learn anything (Seriously, I just go to school bringing my heavy bag full of books sit in class until school finishes, not EVEN opening ma bag! ) The picture is positively correct! Its not just because I malas but I`m also sick. Pagi tadi after my prayer my mama cakap my muka pucat gila and I feel like throwing up. I did`nt even went to the doctor coz my mama said I`m just exhausted.

I wanna say


To all of you competing in 'Amal Islami' ( Eventhough I don`t like it)

This was a loooong post don`t u think?


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