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Sunday, 29 April 2012 @ 18:07 | 0 Comment [s]


As you can see, there is no picture before my Salam because there will be more after this ( Do you know what I mean?)

As you can also see that I`m not going to school coz of 'Amal Islami' (I`m pretty sure you have read it in one of my post). So I think the holiday is just for my school (I think).

Well, I want your opinion. On this drawing, you have to guess if I took this drawing from the internet, book, one of my family members, I did it myself or anything...

Andrew VanWyngarden

Times up!!!! Can you guess??? Who did this was....Drum roll please.....

My second elder sister, kakaksyah (real name: Aisyah).

Why you thought it was me (perasan). I was amazed when she draw this, I was like OMG!!

She also draw Lana Del Ray. Which was pretty-er but malaslah nak upload. The first time she showed me, my first thought was "Did it came with the book?" and then "Kawan kakaksyah lukis ke?", but when I saw her face change then I know and I said "Kakaksyah lukis? Cantiknyer" (What kind of sister I`m I?)

Well any comment about the picture? If you do, tell me at the Cbox.


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