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Fairy tales and Myths

Thursday, 31 May 2012 @ 21:49 | 0 Comment [s]


Have you ever had a dream that you want it to come true? Well, I just had one last night! Do you wanna know? NO? Well I`m gonna tell you anyway...

I dream that I had wings, It wasnt feather wings or like the ones in barbie stories but mine was like the fake fairy wings that you can buy in the costume store. You must be thinking that a twelve year old girl still believes in fairy tales right? But who cares, I still get "duit raya" and that means I`m young!

Sometimes I feel like being in the movies or books. If movies I like to be in Harry Potter, Narnia and Peter Pan. If books, Enid Blyton books! and Nancy Drew.

I remember when I was little I asked someone what`s his fave animal he said tiger, and then he asked me back and I said unicorn, he laugh but I didnt care.

I just wanna say never stop believing, coz I know I`ll never stop.


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Hi peeps. I'm Ain Zahra. Still new to this blogging world. I`m twelve years old. A UPSR and PSRA candidate. Please be nice here and don`t copypaste anything before asking for permission :D

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