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TOMS And Me!

Saturday, 9 June 2012 @ 21:14 | 0 Comment [s]


My sister just bought a pair of TOMS shoes AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! I`m screaming coz TOMS does`nt sell in Malaysia. Plus, I can fit them! You must be wondering how a 12 year old girl can fit a 18 year old girl shoes, well, the answer is I have giant feet.
SERIOUSLY! Wait I wanna say somthing:

"Dear TOMS owner,

Please open a TOMS shop at Malaysia. Pretty please with a cherry on top!!!! If you do
me and my friends will buy your shoes!"

From a shoe-o-holic girl,


The end of the "TOMS" story and the starting of "I`M MIXS" story

I just got home from the airport, I was sending my 18 year old sister, ayah and pak ngah, their going to Indonesia coz I have a cousin their. Its wierd when people say my face looks mix malay+english (smiling until the ears) but actually its malay+indonesia.

I gotta go, I havent finished my tauhid homework yet. TOODLES!

P.S: Hahahahahahaha..... why am I doing this story-mory thingy. Just go with it-lah!

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