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 Its been a while since I posted, I know. I just got soooo caught up in all the exams, school and a lot of random but important stuff. My UPSR and PSRA has past, could you imagine, 6 years of learning and studying for that! Please pray that my grades are good and there will be some schools that are gonna except me.

 Well, I'm posting this because I have to let out some...well...'feelings' by writing  and this feelings just can't be let out by talking to someone. Lately people have gotten many cancers and went to a better place (if you know what I mean by 'better place') like Justin Beiber's angel Avalanna and Taylor Swift's army guy Ronnan.   Well, now I have someone with cancer, I never thought one of my family member's will get cancer, but yeah, if God says it will be, it will be. She was one of the greatest person I know, she knows me really well, after my UPSR and PSRA finished she bought me books (I'm a book-o-holic), the last time I was in New Zealand she brought me to Santa's Parade. I would love to see her but she lives in New Zealand thats like 10 hours by plane! Well the person that I am talking about is my aunty named Zaidah Mustaffa but I call her Jedah, she's suffering breast cancer...................................................................................its really hard for all my family members I mean she lives far away from us and she means a lot to us. After this, I think I'm gonna call her, hearing her voice will really make my day. Oh, one more thing,


Well, the only thing I can do now is pray, please pray for her too, it will really mean a lot me.

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Hi peeps. I'm Ain Zahra. Still new to this blogging world. I`m twelve years old. A UPSR and PSRA candidate. Please be nice here and don`t copypaste anything before asking for permission :D

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