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 Its been a while since I posted, I know. I just got soooo caught up in all the exams, school and a lot of random but important stuff. My UPSR and PSRA has past, could you imagine, 6 years of learning and studying for that! Please pray that my grades are good and there will be some schools that are gonna except me.

 Well, I'm posting this because I have to let out some...well...'feelings' by writing  and this feelings just can't be let out by talking to someone. Lately people have gotten many cancers and went to a better place (if you know what I mean by 'better place') like Justin Beiber's angel Avalanna and Taylor Swift's army guy Ronnan.   Well, now I have someone with cancer, I never thought one of my family member's will get cancer, but yeah, if God says it will be, it will be. She was one of the greatest person I know, she knows me really well, after my UPSR and PSRA finished she bought me books (I'm a book-o-holic), the last time I was in New Zealand she brought me to Santa's Parade. I would love to see her but she lives in New Zealand thats like 10 hours by plane! Well the person that I am talking about is my aunty named Zaidah Mustaffa but I call her Jedah, she's suffering breast cancer...................................................................................its really hard for all my family members I mean she lives far away from us and she means a lot to us. After this, I think I'm gonna call her, hearing her voice will really make my day. Oh, one more thing,


Well, the only thing I can do now is pray, please pray for her too, it will really mean a lot me.

Camping Trips!

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Assalamualaikum everybody!

Camping trips? Well, I never been on a real camping trip like sleeping in a tent, if my school made camping trips some may be in the woods but never in a tent.

Last night I went camping for real in a TENT! You wanna know where? In my FRONT YARD!!!!
it may not be in the woods but it was a great experience. I camped with my little sister Anis and two of my cousins Imran and Alyssa. The tent was small so Imran suggested that 12 a.m. until 3 a.m me and Anis will guard and the other two will sleep, on 3 a.m until 6 a.m we will vise versa.

The whole camp turn out to be pretty good and Imran brought his recorder coz he want to do like paranormal activity. The whole three hours when I was on guard I playedd with the Ipad. The bad part started happened when I was sleeping, it started raining! GREAT! Imran and Alyssa ran into the house but me and Anis stayed in the tent sleeping. I was relived that the water could not get into the tent. The rain stoped just when the azan for subuh prayer started. We prayed outside but not in the wet grass, we prayed on the tile part.

Alhamdulillah, the camping trip was over it was harder than I thought it would be but it was fun.

Have any camping experience? share with me. BYE!

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